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  • Making of Indian Modern

    Making of Indian Modern

    The name Mahendra Raj echoes the era of praxis that resonated largely the imminence of architectural engineering that dominated the post independence construction of modern India.

  • Christopher Alexander

    Christopher Alexander

    There has been several attempts to theorize human aspect of urban form and primary literature by Christopher Alexander emphasizing elementarist approach to comprehensive urban experience, mainly revolved around scientific logic, delight & aesthetics, phenomena and everyday life.

  • High Key Architecture of Richard Rogers

    High Key Architecture of Richard Rogers

    The architecture of Richard Rogers is an advanced version of Miesian imagination. He celebrated architecture and filled the world of architecture with stunning and encapsulating timeless buildings.

  • The “Other City ” of Christo

    The “Other City ” of Christo

    The experience of such monumental art form was to prompt viewers to wander aimlessly yet engaged in their thought, slowly limp into the other world, almost with child like sense of wonder.


    Kenneth Framton, in his book on “A Critical History, Modern Architecture”, in chapter 4 (Place, Production & Scenography, International Theory and Practice since 1962) ,he discussed the imaginative interpretation of Fuller’s  project on geodesic domes, Kikutake Marine City, Isozaki Gunma Perfectual Meuseum, Rogers & Pianos Pompidu Center & Fosters Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank. Within…


    “The aim of the latter-day Avant garde is either to validate itself through media or alternatively, to redeem its guilt by executing the rite of creative exorcism in isolation.” Manfredo Taffuri The Japanese architect Arata Isozaki’s work could best be explained in terms of theoretical in-between conditions or ambivalent in nature that most of the…


    CARTESIAN RIGOR VS COMPROMISED FRAGMENTATION ” This is no an easy book. It requires professional commitment and close visual attention, and is not for those architects who, lest they offend them, pluck out their eyes” Vincent Scully Professor Emiretus, Historian Yale University The architectural & theoretical work of Robert Venturi in American context can only be…


    Arthur Erickson was first generation of Canadian Modernist Architect. His role in shaping modern ethos in architecture and planning domain is noteworthy. His practice involved varied kind of scale and types of building, strongly embedded into modernity. In principle his design showed the way that context is given condition and modernity has to be dealt with.…