Perhaps the most unknown figure among architecture fraternity that I have witness is Akhil Dadkar. Akhil Dadkar was a product of Bandra School of Architecture & completed planning from CEPT. in late seventies.

I had my first encounter with him, way back in 1986 in Group Seven Office. The few project model on display showed some modernist virtues with strange blend of Indian architectonics. I began to inquire with some innocent question, behind the frail, beard personality I received some interesting explanation, which are still fresh in my mind. I think those explanation are my first lesson in architecture. He has always remained silent about his work & remain committed to his way of working. Its strange that today we build one project & chase world out for its visibility while Akhil remained silent & covered right through out.

His first project of private house had blatant modernity of Corbusier one side while distinctly exploring indigenousness & aspiration on other side. His project at Nashik also brought crucial aspect of sustainability, cultural references & historicity in conclusive  architectural f. It is indeed sad that Akhil Dadkar is no more with us. He had almost decided to take a bow as silently as his architecture.

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