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  • Negotiating Housing: Aurangabad Studio

    Negotiating Housing: Aurangabad Studio

    When we discuss the housing in Indian context, one faces the complexity & multiplicity of issues that shapes the house and housing. Having said that, the housing policy and manifestation in contemporary time chooses to evade many of such complexities through uniform policy structure and creates a scenario of replicability and anywhere-ness.

  • KRVIA Bridge Studio: 2021

    KRVIA Bridge Studio: 2021

    The objective of the studio is to expose and explore academics related with emerging housing typologies that are necessary with changing times and as newer paradigms unfolding in living and working relationships with the city.

  • Werkbund Housing: Vienna

    Werkbund Housing: Vienna

    The Werkbund housing in Vienna epitomizes the ethos of modernity at very early stage, along with fresh exploration in housing that not only sets the trends in Vienna but across the Europe.

  • Examining the role of quasi formal settlements in the spatial growth of tier two cities: A case of Gunthewari layouts in Aurangabad

    Examining the role of quasi formal settlements in the spatial growth of tier two cities: A case of Gunthewari layouts in Aurangabad

    The Quasi formal settlements, is a recurring phenomenon observed  in the peripheries of the rapidly urbanizing second tier cities and is popular due to the opportunities it provides to the residents. Thus this thesis is an attempt to contribute towards highlighting the presence of quasi formal zones in the urbanizing city through the case of…

  • Mapping and Representing Informality

    Mapping and Representing Informality

    The case of Gazdhar Bandh is very unique, it has been informally built on no development zone and highly vulnerable situation of estuarine conditions. Originally a fishing village on creek edge has been encroached upon and expanded into no development land. Based on an empirical study using participatory tools of survey and mapping in the…


    As Amos Rappoport (1969) suggested, ” if provision of shelter is the passive function of the house, then its positive purpose is the creation of an environment best suited to the way of life of people as social unit of space” It brings about the fundamental questions on what finally decides the form of dwelling…


    The history of False creek is slightly deceptive, as Britisher arrived with assumption that its going up to south via creek but ended in a delta. However the False creek divides the city from downtown to rest of the Vancouver. It has four interesting sides from the urban form point of view. The housing development…


    This is in addition to earlier post ” HOUSING EXPERIMENTS”, it is interesting to observe the new experiments and issues in housing in different region of similar context. The issues of housing with methods on participatory approach or rejuvenate old housing stocks or re-claim the neighborhood qualities through open spaces and importantly the issues of re-inventing qualities of neighborhood affected by  crime and violence are some of…