This is in addition to earlier post ” HOUSING EXPERIMENTS”, it is interesting to observe the new experiments and issues in housing in different region of similar context. The issues of housing with methods on participatory approach or rejuvenate old housing stocks or re-claim the neighborhood qualities through open spaces and importantly the issues of re-inventing qualities of neighborhood affected by  crime and violence are some of the important virtues of such experiments. All these experiments attempting to address the issues of reinventing the housing typology, promoting the network for social sustenance, balance of want and need in housing imagination, capture the small to large aspects of housing. 

The high density and vertical housing coupled with large open spaces brings in the new urban landscape in dealing with migrants while typical low-rise middle income housing estates addressing the individuality to collective,  by means of participation in re-designing of lost neighborhood. The important of public spaces and public realm at neighborhood level is an interesting experiments and allowing positive social and cultural porosity for vibrant neighborhood. 

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