How Will India Fix Her Urban Future?

Author: Dr. Binti Singh | Sameer Unhale

How Will India fix her Urban future? is an exploration of key opportunities and challenges in a rapidly urbanizing India. With the help of recent examples and case studies, the authors argue for the promising global position that India has  in the post pandemic world. The collection of positive stories from across sectors argue to the bridge the gap between urban policy and practice with the introduction of life worlds, a key phenomenological concept anchored in everyday urbanism, cultural practices and social structures.

The book brings together perspectives and reflections of an Urban practitioner and an Urban researcher and open new thinking for collaborative research to bring about collective climate wisdom and localization of the Sustainable development goals.

Authors: Dr. Binti Singh is an urban sociologist and holds a Ph.D. (in urban studies) and a faculty at Krvia, Post Graduate Program. She is also an author of three books on urbanism. (Divided Cities, Lucknow | Culture, Place, Branding & Activisms | Smart City in India, Urban Laboratory, Paradigm or Trajectory)

Sameer Unhale is State Joint Director, in Municipal Administration of Maharashtra and ex. CEO, Smart City, Thane

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Text Credit: Dr. Binti Singh. | Cover Image: Manoj Parmar Architects



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