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  • How Will India Fix Her Urban Future?

    How Will India Fix Her Urban Future?

    Author: Dr. Binti Singh | Sameer Unhale How Will India fix her Urban future? is an exploration of key opportunities and challenges in a rapidly urbanizing India. With the help of recent examples and case studies, the authors argue for the promising global position that India has  in the post pandemic world. The collection of…

  • Real estate, housing and neo-liberalism

    Real estate, housing and neo-liberalism

    In Mumbai given the acute housing shortage and its prevailing unaffordability, the increasing dilapidation of existing housing stock and limited choice for slum rehabilitation, redevelopment has been seen as a workable strategy under certain conditions.

  • What Happened to Our Great Cities?

    What Happened to Our Great Cities?

    It is this high density that has contributed to the rise of these cities as economic hubs, cultural centers offering immense opportunities to diverse sets of people from everywhere,

  • Theorizing Southern Cities

    Theorizing Southern Cities

    Though the forces of globalization, advanced capitalism and new modes of governance have subjected cities quite uniformly, the responses to these forces play out quite differently in varied empirical contexts.