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  • Perez’ Art Museum, Miami. Fl.

    Perez’ Art Museum, Miami. Fl.

    The architecture of the building reflects the marginal shift from the tightly control envelops to laissez faire envelope of tropical architecture. As one experiences the building, it deflects the thought into where is envelop and where are the spaces.

  • Understanding Urban Incongruity

    Understanding Urban Incongruity

    There is a need to derive a negotiating framework through understanding incongruity by recognizing the existence of complex spatial informal networks that have evolved over time.

  • Cultural Resilience of Urban Form:

    Cultural Resilience of Urban Form:

    The thesis tries to establish the need to Retain, Repair, Reuse or Redevelop historic built forms by categorizing them into high-resilient and low-resilient zones to avoid the homogeneity of urban form in the historic native town of Mumbai.

  • Architectural Principles in the Age of Fraud

    Architectural Principles in the Age of Fraud

    “Why so many architects pretend to be philosophers and don’t care how buildings look” Branko Mitrovic

  • Cropped and Uncropped Urbanism

    Cropped and Uncropped Urbanism

    The Salt Pans are counter place to its unbroken place, i:e city. The Salt Pans are mediated reality of urbanism, between man-made landscape and natural appendage to the city.

  • Cartesianism : Objective Domesticity

    Cartesianism : Objective Domesticity

    The significance of anthropocentric space, critical spirit, objectivity and secularization of thoughts are central to contemporary thinking and architectural production

  • Negotiating Housing: Aurangabad Studio

    Negotiating Housing: Aurangabad Studio

    When we discuss the housing in Indian context, one faces the complexity & multiplicity of issues that shapes the house and housing. Having said that, the housing policy and manifestation in contemporary time chooses to evade many of such complexities through uniform policy structure and creates a scenario of replicability and anywhere-ness.

  • KRVIA ELECTIVE | POP CULTURE AND SEMIOTICS: Multi-Disciplinary Discourse

    KRVIA ELECTIVE | POP CULTURE AND SEMIOTICS: Multi-Disciplinary Discourse

    The postmodern is distinguished by the idea that there is not one but many truths and that the notions of truth are culturally and historically relative constructions. In a postmodern world where old uncertainties are undermined and identities are fragmented, the way forward for those working with popular culture has become less clear. In such…