New Geographies

KRVIA Sem IV Studio | 2022 | Faculties: Nemish Shah, Shreya Nagrath , Nishant Mehta , Ajay Sonar , Rutika Parulkar , Rohan Chavan , Milan Shakuniya, Nikhil Khadilkar.

ARGUMENT: If the architectural argument is routed through geographies then it can bring about series of questions and this questions in turn can bring about important architectural discourses and representation.

If Geography is nature then architecture is appropriation

If geography is a force then architecture is a response

If geography is an ordered space then architecture is a fluid event

If Geography is an entity then architecture is an interpretation

If Geography is a embedness then architecture is connectedness

If Geography is a value system then architecture is an attribute

If Geography is a spatial distribution of nature then architecture is a structured distribution of events

If Geography represent now, then architecture discovers what it could be

If Geography seeks the question of embodiment, then architecture seeks metaphysical answers

If Geography is pictorial then architecture is descriptive

If Geography is a study of differentiation then architecture is a study of reconciliation

If Geography is about natural science and social science then architecture is where symbol emerges

If Geography is stoic then architecture is sacred







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