Integrating Natural System of The River in Urban Environment, A Case of Morna River: Akola

Author: Rugweda Medshikar | KRVIA – Post Graduate Program | 2021

Natural resources such as rivers, lands, forests are important part of human life. River, climatic conditions, landforms helps in developing the city. There are many factors such as climate, water systems, vegetation, etc. which helps to balance the ecology of the city. These factors reflect the human civilization’s dependency on the natural surroundings.

The rivers are one of the natural assets of the city, which contribute significantly to the city’s proper function. They are valuable to human beings. Also, human activities have had permanent impact on river. The River is the habitat for the several organisms. However, due to the city’s rapid urban growth, these natural systems are being harmed and destroyed, resulting in a variety of urban problems such as flooding, pollution, and so on, impacting the city’s quality of life. Rivers have transformed from serving cities as life lines and traditional values to more channels carrying polluted water and sewage.

Over the period of time, the river contributes in development of the city. Their failure can cause disruption in the area; hence it is a serious concern. Already, negligence and misuse have resulted in the conversion of rivers into drains. If this activity continues, the city will lose its natural assets for good.

The thesis research attempts to study the changing relationship between human and nature through the lenses of ecology, culture and social under the extent of urbanization. It aims to re-establish the lost cultural, social and ecological value of river through public realm in a way that creating a relationship between city and natural environment.

Text & Image Credit: Rugweda Medshikar | Krvia – Post Graduate Program | Urban Design

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