Conservation of Streets-Reaffirming Sense of Place: Mathura.

Author: Jai Vaidya| Krvia – Post Graduate Program | 2020

Streets are like arteries in a built fabric, a public parcel of land connecting various built-up mass in urban context which can be candidly accessed, assembled and interacted. Like people, streets too have history. From ancient time cities were developed around streets. Streets were not only considered as links merged with road connection to connect different destinations whereas also served three functions that is commutation, commerce and social interaction. Streets are key element in determining the form and function of a city, a neighborhood and community. Since long, the urban forms and humans have interacted with each other to create complex civilizations and streets have served an essential role in this process.

This study dissects the anatomy of Streets that provide varying experience to the users through different modes, interaction through multiple activities, communication, movement pattern and a place for conversation for the people. The main function of road is transportation, while of street is public interaction and to provide safe commutation to pedestrians. The conventionally held definitions of the streets have undergone various paradigm shifts. Streets are not the mere transportation mode or movement patterns.

On the streets of old city of Mathura, streets are a public stage where life unfolds. A place which is not just a means for mobility only, whereas platform where we confront different people, interact, celebrate, procession of festivals happens. These thesis addresses the facts that the physical assets along the street edges creates a blur line of diminishing the physical street boundaries as the streets are interwoven with those edge assets, it focuses on importance of streets that hold mythological value and the activities that beholds the sense of place through very sensitive manner, it aims to conserve the streets of the old city of Mathura through sense of place so as to maintain image and identity of streets considering street as public place.

Text & Image Credit: Jai Vaidya | Krvia – Post Graduate Program | Urban Conservation

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