There are some simple terms that we often use to frame the pedagogy for architectural education. The simple terms are sometimes confused with many other terms. The elaborative work on architectural theory across the time have propagated some of the larger concerns emanating from some simple ideas and words. The thought and trouble with such theoretical terms are in our inability to articulate the difference among several terms. It is necessary for an institute to articulate the some of the basic difference among the few terms that we often use as tool or concepts as teaching material. 

It is also necessary to understand the configuration of these terms that enables one with larger architectural thinking processes and  architectural debate. This is true to the fact that, every act of design and discussion is also theoretical positioning of self and context. The architectural theory is more than unfathomable text and every institute must articulate and make it as vital component of architectural pedagogy.

These components are fundamental to the foundation from which architecture as practice or discipline asserts a particular position or establish larger value system of architecture. It is through such analogical structure one develops the alignment to architectural thinking and critical edge. The terms and its definition shall be discussed in subsequent blog.

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