The church in lund represent the fine Romanesque Architecture built out of sandstone, built in 1000 AD. The similar time frame the various monuments built across the world. In Indian context it was Brihadeeshwara Temple in Thanjavur by Chhola Dynasty and Qutub Minar by  Qutub Al Din Aibak. In the context of Europe there were some of the finest architectural monuments emanating out of Roman and Gothic Architecture,  however the material of construction (esp. Bricks, Lime Stones, Granite)  would be different, depend on the context. 

The characteristics of the architecture relies heavily of buttresses system of construction but adopting flat and concealed within the massive walls. The pleated arches and cascading apertures from big to small, accentuating the loftiness of the architecture. The interior also resonate the quality of exterior by presence of massive masonry columns alternating with piers of clustered shafts supporting the earliest pointed high ribs forming a ribbed vault as a roofing system. 

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