This thesis brings my earlier reading on “FORMLESS URBANISM” city of Chanod. The formlessness condition that exist in the city are valuable tradition of soft urbanism and festivals are one of them. There was time in academic world that the cohesion is a formal property and essential one for cities. The uniqueness of urban form is embedded in recognition of cohesive form of the cities. The earlier theoretical account of urbanism dealt with these uniqness attached to social and cultural welfare of the cities. The role of academics and urbanity were strictly controlled by such notion. The recent trend in research is upsetting these notion of cohesion and clarity into spatial contamination of urban form. Although the built-form & architectural heritage bestows the social and cultural personality to the city, the spatial and spectacle event adds the uniqueness to the city. 


The thesis attempts to conceptualize  the framework of integration for  the festivals as part of everyday urbanism. The festival often proves to be dominant priority in space and time and it generates, regulates, shapes our cultural priority and social behavior. The character of built-form is in its capabilities to arrest this moment of festivity, everyday urbanism along with sensory experiences.

“This thesis looks at festivals as a tool to examine how people behave in these experience-based urban spaces .this project sees human presences and physical behavior as potentials for spatial construction of public spaces. This study is an initiative to understand the means by which meaning is added to the form, space and character of the built environment. this thesis further argues to the traditional urban design mapping system which is planning based, and experiment with new methodologies of mapping tools which can unfold festive urbanism” : Credit: Prachi Sawant

The thesis project excels in various areas which are central to research in architecture and urabnism, namely, critical framework for research question,  methodologies for mapping and representation. The thesis has skilfully demonstrated & raised the question in theorizing & research tendencies on one side and framework for performative space on other side especially in Indian urban context.


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