The SPA-KRVIA 2015 joint workshop, like last previous years,  it continued to explore the newly built metro transit route of Badarpur to Kashmere Gate. The workshop (Across Metropolis) along with mapping and projecting transnational trajectories, it also began to define the characteristic of each nodes and possibilities of large urban intervention that reinforces the local ethos. Incidentally each node has its own characteristics ranging from fort wall & gates, Old settlement, educational setups, sacred place and axis of major streets in New Delhi.  

The 50 students (SPA-20 & KRVIA-30) were divided into 5 groups focusing on five metro stations namely: Badarpur, Kalkaji, Janpath, Delhi Gate, Kashmere Gate. Interestingly all these five metro station collectively consolidates the notion of three cities within New Delhi, namely Pre-Colonial (Religious and Imperial), Colonial (Administration & Institutional), Post Colonial (Transnational cities within and expansionist city). The urban intervention is far more complex than earlier years as the route is bestowed with experiences of various cities within. 

The workshop title seems to be dissecting the city’s evolved trajectory in incidental format as this routes are never woven into larger imagination of urban experiences. The task is formidable as much as intriguing that such transit routes are revealing the disjointed event of cities unknowingly while its interesting to note that such seamless urban experiences are becoming cognitively imagined in academics pedagogy.

The SPA model of inter-departmental approach to studio  brought the intense interaction across the disciplines and faculties. It indeed managed to bring in new ideas as dividend in terms of demography, landscape, history, institutions, sacredness, ecology, planning process. All attempting to set dialogue with new urban imagination for city with its own complexities, revealed by newly evolved metro lines.






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