London has not much changed from imperial point of view of the city,  rather it has changed from left over city point of view. It has few blocks modified randomly and few are added too much of the desire to retain old character. The cacophony of resultant architecture of old fabric is a not far from global impetus as one notice in the Asian cities. The charming old street facades and Georgian & Gothic details are becoming medieval thought to the Neo-liberalist and post-modernist (in true sense). The city shows the struggle of its existence in its timeline. 

The distant skyline on Thames River is quite evident from Westminster Bridge. The London Eye is an epitomize trajectory of voyeurism from medieval to futurism. The architecture of the new high rise demonstrates the new episode in the inner city condition. The skyline and street experience of high rise architecture is central to an American Cities, where grid-iron allows the skyline in its rhythmic presence while street character embraces the notion of soft urban design concerns in terms of code and customs of the cities. The high rise in the medieval cities nothing more than caricature of skyline dotting up with fierce eye of its existence.  The downtown so called a through American city point of view is slowly emerging out of consolidated and monolithic activities rather than heterogeneity of American downtown. The high rises are only spitting distance from each other with phallus centric attitude showcasing the blurring ideological grounding of architect and architecture. The architecture is a model for reinforcing ideas of fierceness and architect is an agent for such ideality. 
Its important to see that architecture of several cities have different concerns coming out of different available tools. The digital absurdity, randomness of city-ness, high technology & low key architecture or low tech & high key architecture to architecture of surplus or architecture of financial crisis, all seems to pushing the cities to new episode of strange fierce struggle only amounting to city for voyeurism of strange eye.



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