The School of Architecture building at M.S. University, Baroda is more than 100 year old building. The main component of construction is brick load bearing, stone lintels/ ties & wooden boarding on wooden section as floor. The architectural style seems mixed of colonial typology, Gothic arches, Mogul domes/ entrance, central large courtyard with corridor around.

The division of spaces are mainly based on load bearing grids, assembled around courtyard and axially place staircase aligned with entry point. The typology is distinguishable from rest of the building around. The building has fine proportion systems visibly on street facade & courtyard and perhaps that  bestows the building with fine architectural character.

The building also reminded on James Sterling’s architecture school building at Rice University. The building definitely needs restoration as condition inside the courtyard is disintegrated over the period of time. Its unfortunate that architecture institution is housed in this finest building which is suppose to be vanguard of architectural values & its  heritage, is witnessing the slow degradation.

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