KRVIA / KRMLS – 2013



History is a trajectory whose formative circumstances hinges on the uncontaminated breath of cultural studies. They are beyond the secular range of historicity and theory of knowledge. The historicity is often contaminated as being condition of symphonic narrative & ideological fermentation that undermines the intellectual substance. It is often reimburse the value to history as subtext burden of Theo- political brutalities. 

The empathetic to historical writings and contemplation to indispensible imperatives are conditions for critical spirit in historical objectivity and veracity. The theoretical connectedness and continuity are conceptual possessions in algebraic notation which bestows the history with analogical forwardness and emblematic codes, both in continuous and discontinuous notations, the concept of exponential trajectory i:e historicism. Historicism is philosophical lecterns as systems of autopoiesis, whose reproductive capabilities of values are compounded with time dynamism but renunciation in constant entangle of retrogression. This perhaps encapsulates the theoretical continuity.  

Architectural history is pure and profound and was a result of physical distinctness & manifestation, of derivable & exponential properties of regional geography, social norms, cultural and religious ideology. But its connoted puberty exponentially transforms in persistence in doctrine of endurantism. As cross cultural mosaic surfaced allowing transfer of knowledge & eclecticism of workmanship, the baroque of imagination bolted the anguished time propeller. The resulted history served as archaeological catalyst and disgruntled layer of narcissism, problematizing the autopoiesis of architectural breeding. The gravity of inflated margins and equitable endurantism of history resulted in packaging the shifty byzantine of contemporary.

In contrast to that Modernism was seen as moral impetus of social and technological imperatives but perhaps & unknowingly contaminated with fermentation of anti-historical consciousness. It also presupposes that contextual distinctions are nonetheless intellectual brew, setting the strange seditious propaganda of absoluteness in non- differential modernism.

The history in contemporary mode is combined with endurantism which in turns makes the history continuously progress through time to the contemporaneous. As stated earlier, History is a trajectory, whose comprehension in the variables of memories, fetish, and histories of entities, when disconnect & connect to the present proficiencies is a construct of historicism. The variables usually inhibit contextualized interpretation of the historic events. The historicity thus does not account for the temporal nature of memory and the changes in perceptions and perspectives during the exponential transition to the contemporary.
The historicism is an unfolded conic section of time with an exponential curve of records.  Its construct embodies simultaneity of folding & unfolding of conic section of time. It lies in that very domiciliary object of circadian practice, but the interpretation or viewing the object as part of history and procedural mandate is often relegated to neglected subjectivity of contemporary. The differential graph of history when laid out in time gives the transition of legacy and the passage of which is often expunged. The cause and the effect of historical construct the factual eventuality of historicity and contextual demarcation of historicism combines the trajectory, mapping the trail of presence.
The act of writing (encrypted) is a relationship of exponential functions of history. The presence of reading (notation) is in its value of historicism. The act of writing and reading is an implosion whose margins derivatives are in memory. The logarithm of history is a repertoire of encrypted notations.
The encrypted notation is an exponential function of inscribed archaeology. The depth encrypts the degree of notation whose formally defined exponent brings meaning of unforeseen & untold in the process of logarithmic derivation.
The ornamentation and crime is an encrypted notation of affect where ideological position assumes to be anti-historical in thought but relegates the history as exponential function to be mutually exclusive program. Simultaneously the Doric tower by Adolf loose is only a synthesis of distorted effect whose contemporariness is destined to be encrypted act of contrived historicism. Similarly, the inscribed archaeology is often narrated with ambivalent subjectivity, whose transfer from encryption to notation is often imprisoned in the subjectivity of circumstantial contemporary.
The condition of historicity is to articulate the relationship of encryption and notation in a contemporary perspective and construct cohesive amalgamation of exponential history. The contemporary historicism developed historical disjunction between mutually exclusive event of encryption and notation. The expounded & impregnable narrations of literalist set out to institute the continuity between past and the present as historicity; however the exponential historicism was unable to position self in such narrations. Eventually in 20th Century modernist historians precluded the principles of narrations and oral historicity and raised the specter of historical distances. Historical distances differentiate due to passage of time and perceptions of people. History gets distorted due to the effect of past on the present, the rift between the facts and the narratives. The challenge was to create recorded history so as to avoid the historical distance in historicity.
The history is a trajectory than contemporary is a condition of coexist. The trajectory is combined act of writing (encrypted reading (notation) where history and historicism are suspended between contemporary conditions.  The contemporary is logarithm of history whose coefficient of presence embedded in two extremities.
Architecture is a language construct with idiosyncrasies in its presence, and its ability to generate certain emblematic pattern of responses. These patterns have been altered in its elucidation allowing catalysts of encryption to set in as endurantist mediator. With the exponential changes in historicism of notations, the contemporary conditions stands deracinated unambiguous reality. The byzantine of contemporary has expressions strangely demarcated in residual membrane, having lost their way to condition to coexist. The history of architecture is communicative trajectory which reflects its differential evolution in relation to a variety of domains. If history is a trajectory than contemporary is presence of expounding exponential agent defining the logarithm of events. In such circumstances Architecture is reduce to a self-referencing process which acts parallel and is coefficient of now a closed process of communications of differential agents. The architecture thus obliges to be an ocular centric object for exchanges and transactions.
Contemporary is preoccupied perched conditions between inscription (history) and description (Architecture). It is dialectic of writing and reading. The contemporary is parallel existence of independent variables whose exponent is history.
The contradictions of History & contemporary conditions are often acted as extinguisher to foreshadow the cleavage of deterministic and objective program of modernism. Such anti-moral ascendancy on history and contemporary thought brings about the notion of mutual exclusive program of architecture that is either or not occur at same time.
The notion of history, contemporary and architecture are condition of collectively exhaustive phenomenon where if architecture as logarithm of ideas in realm of encrypted notation than history is exponential function of constant change in the independent variable giving the same proportional change. The contemporary is a condition of  differential equation   that deems to be the  unknown function of one or several variables that relates the values of the function itself and its derivatives of various orders. The rolling of historicism (mode of thinking for specific context, geography, local culture) is imagine to be emanating conditions of contemporary as realm whose component is history and dynamic reality
Architecture and history are not mutually exhaustive mandate and are not also mutually exclusive as contemporary is mediated as unknown functions whose critical presence is deemed to be neither mutually exclusive nor exhaustive; hence its embededness is in exponential functions of historicism Otherwise contemporary is engraving history of apathy, ignorantly adopting nonsensical ephemeral impulses.
History is a sub-conscious act lies below the historicism whose contemporary conditions are parasites of logarithmic fathom of encrypted notations. The disjunction often reduces to facile facsimiles and fractal scaling of technological addictiveness, attempting to traverse the passage of history as architectural apathy.







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