In continuation & expansion of previous year workshop theme, the KRVIA+SPA workshop for Masters Sem: I, began with the mapping and suggestive guidelines of metro line:1, i:e Rithala – Dilshad Garden route. The group of 40 students divided in 10 subgroups began to examine the various station locations along the metro route. 

This year workshops marginally shifted from earlier one, in terms of objective guidelines to subjective study of patterns and emerging scenarios. The last two days mounted the demand of setting up an exhibition resulted into a fine quality of summation along with streamlined argumentative drawings. The larger wisdom of such joint workshop gives the opportunity to read the city from different point of view. The issues are not about understanding the difference in working methods but it’s about acknowledging the various methods of reading and mapping the city.  KRVIA began this exchange with 8 students in earlier inception of the workshop, and now strongly represented by 22 students participating and exchanging ideas and imagination.
The intensive interaction with SPA faculty gave student the opportunity of transacting & articulating ideals of comparative urbanism. For such reason that the need to expand the exchange workshop into a semester long exchange may perhaps have larger wisdom in strengthening the urban education in India.

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  1. KRVIA+SPA workshop is a good platform for exchange of ideas and skills. Great Work by all. Semester exchange might be a good idea, With SPA and may be one with CEPT as well. Each institute has its own strength and students would get variety of lessons and exposures from these cities as well. May be the first semester workshops should still continue to culminate with one representative chosen from both institutes for semester exchange in second semester.


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