The ongoing infrastructure development aspiration has taken few noteworthy steps. The first being eastern freeway from Indian Oil Nagar to  SVP road, near Pricess Dock, the second being Santacruz East to Chembur Link road via Kurla and third one is Mumbai first Metro Line (Versova- Ghatkopar)

The most sought out project of Mumbai Metro finally began with interesting statistic:

– Began in 2009
– Total cost appx. 2400 crore.
– 11.4 kilometer of stretch with 12 stations.
– Carrier capacity expected 6 lacs/ day.

The most important part of metro line is that first time the urban development department attempting to address the east-west commuter travel. The city development has always been north to south, resulting in peculiar land use characteristics, directing the development of the city and its real estate value namely in:

– administrative system
– production system
– institutional system
– living & living/ working system 

The interaction between transport and land use systems was never a object of research or never had any empirical model for integrated approach hence the real estate value was naturally integrated with the accessibility, The demographic data base or decentralization of economic activity has recent history as far as planning mass rapid transit system concerns. 

However the  21 minute one way journey reveals the east west discord in its urbanscape. The characteristics of metro journey states the unusual & unknown account of east-west transect. The west end station, Versova know for its cosmopolitan neighborhood of middle income group and collector land with similar gentry. The D.N Nagar, a TP scheme known for low income group with distinct typology, while Azad nagar station has MHADA and some private society amounting to similar income group. As it depart the Azad nagar station towards Andheri station the landscape begins to change to mix use and commercial activity within landlord properties. The east has slowly began to transform into high end commercial & administrative activity almost homogenizing with the WEH, Chakala & Airport Station. The later part of journey is generally know to the most by aerial view. The large slum pocket and distant high rise development across the hills. The existential order of an unregulated pockets reveals unknown territory and  strange discord. The new mass transit system revels the sharp contrast of most designated mobility versus un designated reality. 

The important question that needs immediate speculation, i:e what kind of imagination that will direct the development of east-west corridor. The serious research body of work required to understand the deeper meaning into this vast reality, instead of focusing of port land or fringes. The plan of infrastructure will shape the notion of landscape in future & we need to give critical consideration to its relationships.

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