“Cities are like electrical transformers: they increase tension, accelerate, exchanges, and are endlessly churning human lives” Fernand Braudel, (1967), Civilisation Matérielle et Capitalisme (cited in Paquout, 2000, 83)
Very often Cities manifest, distilled & condensed activities, suddenly in jerks and revelation. This phenomena often remains incomprehensible. The F.C road at Pune is an example of such phenomena of sudden splurge of activities, in sharp contrast to its surrounding and context. The networks of several activities are completely in discord to its (activity) history of evolution and non-congenial in its inter dependencies. The entire stretch of F.C Road, houses the food places, high end shopping, electronics, apparels, confectioneries & also repair works for dated technological gadget. Such expressions are vigorously percolating through the soft facade of private houses into the main street, adding into the splinter character of the public realm. The long, seamless stretch of shopping, array of parked bikes and bursting of people of all age groups defies the single point DNA of the place.
The synchromesh is an automotive terminology , where its elements are always in mesh and propelling state or free. The constant mesh with its generator as armature, corresponding or adjusting all the time. The F.C road phenomena is analogically simulated through such automotive working, where its parts are networked, adjusting itself to pressure that city exerts and as a result leaving some pockets empty while some spaces are charged or free to respond on its will, leaving visual arbitrariness yet inclusively responsive.

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