The proposal for eastern water front development needs re-consideration especially harbor line is also going though tremendous transformation and needs to wait for reality that shall surface, few years down the line, after actual transformation of redeveloped harbor line. It is very often seen that such opportunity are not seen as an asset rather as an scenarios to activate the economic upsurge in construction industries. It is unfortunate that various consultant and planners eagerly waiting for an opportunity in the name of better environment, amenities, open space.

We have to be careful in unlocking such precious land for the development especially when there are certain economic  & social dependencies shall be conveniently gentrified along with a the global priority that developers along with various stake holders desirous to exercise, that cannot be overlooked. The scenario shall not be different from development of mill land, MHADA layouts or land unlocked in central northern suburbs.

The master plan and integration are not mere technical tools but needs to demonstrate the various traits of collectiveness, which are often discussed in academics and not inculcated in comprehensive understanding of built environment.

The city needs careful attention to its own voluptuous transformation in inner city, suburbs and extended suburbs in the name of redevelopment,  prior to such unlocking of land. The priority is to build optimum housing, amenities to our existing conditions, better living standards,  rather than waste intellectual energies on undue capitalization on our valuable resource.

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