This is an ancestral house of family built 160 years ago. It is located in subdued corner of the city, making it almost inaccessible and invisible. The house is built in laterite stone (Chira) which is a typical characteristic of konkan, karwar & kerala region. The house plan has distinct three layers, namely outer ring of verandah and services, inner ring of family function and central being open to sky and consisting of most sacred function. The central open space is known as Nadumuttom, which helps dividing house in quadrants. The courtyard house typology is also known as Nalukettu House (The librarian from local architecture school showed the houses in Calicut with immense knowledge of spaces, constructions & material).  

The plan is typically divided based on scriptures and nomenclature of spaces and direction. The second layer is further divided, based on degree of privacy. The characteristic space of house was the room for family ancestral historical photographs. The aperture of house is controlled severely so that interior is exterior relation stands in stark contrast. The other features were the wall sections, double roof, scoped out single seat balcony space. These elements almost suggest that house is most sacred function of our existence and the interaction to the world outside is restricted as if strict division is symbolic to the search of solace of being within being.

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