The current semester II explored the housing studio as housing typological formation, its delivery system and responses to the various regional and environmental conditions which shall be affected by Delhi- Mumbai industrial corridor. The initial group study of Jaipur and Vidyadhar nagar explored the various geographical aspect that connects the urban form as large and as a result typifies the housing forms. The subsequent three site conditions (Jaipur, Palanpur, Bharuch) adds to the immense diverse conditions in design process, raising the expectation to be responsive to the existing settlement patter, environmental constraints and attributes, livelihoods, various possibilities of delivery systems. 

Inshort the divers site conditions sets an diverse/ appropriate response to specific ecological and socio-economic contexts which were required to have diverse articulated methodology for mapping, analysis and strategy making. 

The interesting aspect of the studio that revealed the diverse forces that may get influenced by the perhaps uniform policy of industrial corridor and edge out the local responses and needs that ought to be integrated in overall vision plan. The Jaipur case revealed the land acquisition policy based on incentive model, yet ignoring the geographical constrained, its people, livelihoods. As a result one can see the strange yet remorseless nature of development attempting to iron out the social and morphological tendencies of our cities.

The Palanpur site demonstrated the agrarian based thriving economy, which may not have any stake in the overall corridor plan. The agrarian economy needs its own set of attributes that facilitate the development and its contribution to the overall vision. 

The Bharuch site clearly seeks the gentry & task forced based housing conditions and needs infrastructure and amenities subservient to its own traits. It is perhaps clear the cities that are emerging along the corridor shall conveniently overlook the micro networks and indigenous properties of each site conditions to have strange template based urban development of tomorrow.

” City needs Housing or Housing needs City”

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