The known Indian English writer Kushwant Singh position in public domain would remain unoccupied even if he had departed at 150. He is known as a writer in slightly formal way, but would more formally known as editor and journalist. However he never claimed to remain clamped in formality box because he has attained his image through aggressive writing on social, cultural habits and customs of our society with wit imagination and nascent promise.

In less formal sense he was a not a critical writer but could bring essence in his powerful wit and narratives. The book title “The Sex, Scotch & Scholarship” intended to portray the contradictory relic of our values and institutions with sarcasm and imaginary stories. On other side he could write wit on his own and community without any encumbrance or religious historical treatise.

A proud shikh, but staunch satirist and blatantly outspoken. He could relentlessly criticize the policy on golden temple attack or react by returning the highest citizen award. These are perhaps the imagination of  freewill writer, who believed that free to react, free to democratize, free to renounce. He supported the emergency but reacted sharply on policy of communal politics.

He remained subservient to Illustrated Weekly for many years, but never did he once change his opinion or reaction on anything that once he reacted upon. As matter of fact he gave new lease life to the magazine and demonstrated that how journalism can be instrumental in setting up democratic space. He engaged the various opinions on one issues, in spite of being varied and opposite, by various groups and class. 

He would make mockery of himself by stating that if one sends post card stating address ..KS, Bastard, India… I am sure I would get it without delay…. His important publications were “ Train to Pakistan” & History of Sikhs”, of course the last four line that he wrote on himself few years back” Thank lord, he is dead, this sun of a gun”.  Perhaps a parody & tribute to Sardar with smile.

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