The house is an expression of self imagination of mended undefined reality. The view that imagined to be framed by the window is a corollary to the desired views. The views and viewed are hinged on subconscious activity of mind. The view changes with intense distraction of what is viewed, the existence of window oscillates in ideality. The architecture of house is a subject of window whose existence depends on view and viewed. The subject of architecture and object of window is dichotomy of corollary house. The door that hinged in time, opens in anticipation, the window that frames the unframed in seeking ideality, forms a propelling device that drives the imagination and sense of wonder. Which in turn pushing emotional and psychological depths of self and space to splintered corollary process.
The framed and frame of stilted space, seamless ground, bridging the intimacy of open and close is an outrageous imagination of child whose aspiration is to write manuscripts of delightful living space. The pilotis defies the corollary of house but subconscious mind builds its subjective truth in fleeting and uncontrollable world. The dream sequence of seamless space and elevated reality continues to be a constructed & forming an enduring image.
The idea of view and viewed continues to be overpowering idea of purity and realism. The chaotic existence brings up sudden calmness and idea of space looses in boundary. The hereness and thereness brings rare freshness to the teen’s imaginations who constantly struggled for its physical space existence. The directness of child attention is fused in passionate spatiality of endlessness. The space brings the object of thereness and subject of hereness, morphed into a strange relation of less is more. The corollary house is strange blend of seamless ground plane and boundless space.
The view and viewed corollary is an invasive percept of framed and frame. The struggles of writing and reading bring the dynamism of uncontaminated space construct. The views and viewed properties of window is subverted and forcing conscious mind move into the realm of orderlessness and unaesthetic corollary. The house determined to proclaim its poetic and formal independence. The corollary house is in state of confused tectonics yet excited with courage of furious motion.
The seamlessness and frame/ framed relation come to complete halt at edge. The clamped framed and frames are unprecedentedly morphed with time. The precision of time is encompassing the formal invention of house, weathering defines the character of stoicness and space limits folds in itself. The dream sequence of child in time begins to dwell on de-materialization of self and object. The seamlessness and bounded less condition morphed into the new reality of framed and frame of unseen. The corollary house continues to build as an assemblage of images in a peculiarly silent domain of  world.

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