A local train journey reveals different city altogether. It is quite surprising to witness the tidal wave of development surfacing in the horizon while blocks of building remain dilapidated in most of the cases. The stretch between Andheri to Goregaon, from Kandivali till Bhayander, once can clearly imagined the the diverse as well as conflicting social and cultural corollary. The new economic restructuring has resulted in contradictory condition of margin peripherals and dominant centers.

 The city appears clearly as landscape of margins and dominance across the horizon. The rail journey portrays the valuable account of unaccounted part of our city. The profit and investment aspiration is an archetypal urban culture arising from imagined globalizing process.   Such part of marginal city is depriving from such imagined global processes and left over visual characteristic of blocks delineates the contrived notation of being abandoned.

Along the tracks is also the wealth of railway architecture, with immense architectural characteristics, subscribing the wonderful weathering of time. The foot over bridges, railway signal cabins, guard office block, load bearing bridges, railway stations are some of the artifacts of railways, demonstrating the rare freshness of engineering domain of architecture. 

The landscape of city through railway offers the complete new dimensions of overlaps of ideas intertwines of knowledge, intersection of aspirational path, amounting to be a complete city of buildings, tainted with destined texture and engraved in imagination of being abandoned. 

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