The beginning of new parliamentary session usually bring the unseasonal shower from all directions. It was expected that prior to monsoon session the retail/FDI/Food related regulation shall be strategically pushed into the parliament and announce the election during the month of January or February. But political adjustments moves much faster than the institutional adjustments and now it’s time the ruling associations are realizing the hard fact. The territorialized geography & ideology is to be negotiated with terms that perhaps was never reckon with. The administrative mismanagement & unconstitutional/unethical operational motives can not be undone. It has been a debate in public domain clearly stating that the  strategy “if you cant erase than efface”which has been the mantras to retain hegemony.

It is perhaps the weakness of our democratic psych to not to remember and be subservient to strategically announced pre-cautionary measure. How bizarre the imagination that compels the rightist thinking left way or leftist thinking right way. The democratic behaves in disguised autocrat.  The ruling hegemony is the most controversial paradigm in its constitutional frame and is able to sail through without question is an eye opener. It solely means that constitutional incorrectness has democratic means for institutional correctness.

The internal issues are given global understanding and global issues are networked for hegemonic destination. This is the democratic framework for the majority of us who are not willing to comprehend the democratic traits in democratic manner. It’s an extreme surprise to note that every issue that crops up is deeper than the predecessor. Is it the inability to sustain democratic virtues or is it the inability to produce able leadership or is it that political wisdom lays in marginal moving away from democratic framework? These are the issues that shall dominate the strategic thinking. The political affiliations are less ideological and more about convenience of institutional terrotorialization. As ideological necessities are deeper where institutions and constitutions are paramount but this is replaced by hegemonic aspiration than the central conditions that perhaps begin to oscillate for undesirable ends.

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