MASKED URBANISM: art festival
“fever, that in its beginning it is easy to cure, but hard to recognize; whereas, after a time, not having been detected and treated , 
it becomes easy to recognize but impossible to cure”  Niccolò Machiavelli
consumption of routine,
parody of muted
in display of perceptive 

burning up of average
rejection of intense
exquisite of left over
like misused tissue

defeated margin 
rudimentary popular. 
Pornography of masked. 
for bridal 
re makeover

history for mess  
in mystery of east
likely to detects, 
narration of west
to tweak for reflect

ridiculed biography
scripted Bibliography
prologue of predictable narrative
monograph of perverted dialogue

human right of bird cage
needle of moral compass
shifted attuned to sand dunes
submerged in horizon of
masked urbanism





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