The symphonic narrative of rise and fall of any ideological thought or an institution is embedded in its nature of symbolic narrative that has generated since its formative circumstances. The thought or an idea that hinges on the clean breath of cultural studies and able to set the trajectory beyond the range of secular pattern of thought is often enduring and a disquieting thought. However any ideal or an institution at any given time is not a divine mandate that undermines the intellectual climate and give way to rise of theo-political burden.

It’s very often seen that what is politically correct is not necessarily ideologically or academically correct as such position is often contaminated with thick coating of anti-historical consciousness  Such position allows one to erase the contextual distinction and create a strange political program to halt the intellectual dynamo. The shades of ideology & multi-disciplinary is not necessarily means multi-valent in nature perhaps it’s the shifty byzantine for seditious propaganda as extinguisher to foreshadow the cleavage of deterministic objective program.

The ideas and ideology transform itself into a sapless trunk by virtue of such anti-moral ascendancy & conflicting economic/network necessities. The ideals need to be away from self absorbed condition and mend the way as social & cultural cement. It often begins to lose its shades of imaginative hypothesis and bold simplicity & as result fall of its critical space and dialogue.  

Perhaps it the time that the system needs to be oiled with dialectical mode bestowed with autonomous scholastic setting. 

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