The kilometer stretch of dark and deserted serpentine nature of walk is layered on the busy street. The street known for its retail activity and famous for its Thursday market. The street double sided shopping stretch iced with informal shopping outside. After construction of sky-walk  it offers four layer of informal shopping, almost making the parody of its own existence, bestowing the street with distinct character. 

The MMRDA had proposed such several sky walks with budget close to 600 CR. The MMRDA had issued the post completion evaluation of all the sky walks through the official document known as white paper. The white paper is a third party evaluation agency however it was surprising to note that its an inhouse agency trying to evaluate the statistical dimenssion of needuful of sky walks. The white paper evaluation shall be submitted to the chief minister as the portfolio of city infrastructure lies with the ruling party. The sky walk flame may burn the hung ties that rules the state. The issues of escalated prices and non requried sky walks are barbqueing the comfort zone. The conflict of metro rail ripping throught the skywalk section at various junction is yet to be answered. As it featured in leading news paper earlier that these section shall be used at other junction.

The only remedy that seems to evident from such conflict is to reuse the sections and install at Milan Subway flyover. The section of Santacruz & Bandra-west sky walks are almost of same length &  the steel truss that is pending for last nine months. Its a classic example of triad conflict of center-state-pwd.  If such recycling is executed in near future than it shall be the finest post-independence monument.






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