Krvia Masters Jury: Sem I

KRVIA Masters: SEM I.
The idea of mapping & reading is synonym to sensing or comprehending the events but in cartographic manner. The reading of city through the cartographer lens is always a challenge. The Baroda studio exercise through its layered history brought out the complex dynamics of legal system, institutional system and retail system & strange domesticity that merges with the rest of the city. The stretch of over two kilometer had all the complexity that is a pre condition to the introduction of studio assignments. The shifts from architectural thinking to urban thinking take its own time in reaction and delineation. The studio task was appeared to have received with excitements and energy. The body of documentation and representation has attained some level of competence. The composition of jury made the session even more complex as each of them had his/her area of emphasize. The issues emphasized were ranging from understanding of pattern vs.  Resources as a planner or relationships beyond the building as an urban designer or vision & imagination as architectonic icons.
The urbanism is perhaps mediating the blurring boundaries of all the discipline hence it is often the role that one assumes more that role that one ought to be. I am very sure that it has brought out tremendous confusions about the nature of role that one need to obey, but it shall perhaps unfold itself in course of time. The idea of heritage walk was step ahead as compare to the predecessor. The conservation student approach was noteworthy.
At this juncture I am convinced that it’s the nature of urban theory course that shall aid the urban thinking and studio should become laboratory with catalyst of theory. May be it’s a time to relook at the assignment in order to examine or articulating the nature of data that we collect, the information that is deduced and the knowledge that imparts.

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