The studio was a collaborative exercise between resident communities and KRVIA. The RESULT was seen as a process of interaction between these slum dwellers and the Nanded Municipal Corporation. Thus at various stages in the studio there was planned to have interaction between these agencies.  
The first part of the project methodology was entail going to site, documenting the slum and then analysed the data collected. The urban design studio assisted in the first part of the study and helped in formulating the various aspects on which data were collected. The next stage of the studio was where the students organized and analyzed the data using the digital media to document and generate patterns. The final objective for this studio was to create a public interface like a website where the material can be published.  
The next stage, primarily in urban design was to simulate scenarios for intervention in these slums through the study of the patterns generated from the first part of the study. This stage led to the creation of the Urban Design scenarios. These scenarios was given spatial and formal manifestation in the studio. Also various processes of intervention right from a conservative incremental approach to a complete redevelopment of site was formulated as a part of this studio. Simultaneously the students were introduced to other case studies in similar such conditions.
The students then created ideas for the master plan, as well as various possibilities for the dwelling unit and transformation on them if required. These ideas and processes were explored through the digital media, drawings and models.   

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