Thesis quality over last five years have improved tremendously as nature of inquiries across the board are above average. It is perhaps becoming difficult to identify the best one. Along with the quality of inquiry, the quality of drawings have reached its best level as ever. I have never seen such quality of drawings before, either monochromatic or dual tone. This particular batch has added the new layer to our thesis standard.
Kruti’s thesis had rather shortest span of exposure with guide but resultant product can not be better that that. Its trying to address the marginal issues of housing for new enterprises employee, and hence the need of space is at paramount that want of space. There is a big difference between need and want esp. in housing. The thesis attempts to address the bare-minimum housing in dignified architectural gesture. I will always remain haunted by the question that… have i realy done any justice the project ?.

Nupur’s thesis is her pure passion, what any guide can do more than just witness the quality of inquiry and fantastic set of drawings over last one year. The thesis brings the larger value of historicism as being process of degradation and salvation. The projected grading of disregarded building and setting up the public domain as system of awareness rather than architectural program is intellectually advance thought. It puts all the critique of architectural as being subservient to its program at rest.

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