The jury went with few notes as i began to question many things that may bring the discourse of abstraction in center. The ideal of representation & concreteness are duality within which entire idea of manifestation oscillates. The notion of academics is real vs real than perhaps we are limited by choices but if real is abstracted than choices are given new identity of attitude. I think the attitude is which brings entire discourse of design discipline in focus. Can urban responses are as abstract as responses of self within urban?.. The work produced by the batch was phenomenal, & had enough substance to bring discussion of urbanity in some sense. The idea of seeking urbanity in housing is rather difficult task, yet they all understood the concern if not responses.

I thing we need to ask right question on such issues…
– what is urban
– what is not urban
– what is urbanity that need to design
– what is urban edge
– is that anything that is non-urban
– is urban a process…
– is urban a collective ideal
– is urbanity has order
– can urbanity be time bound

I feel issues of such nature can bring some more values is shaping our notion of urban.


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