The undisciplined city conference on 30/11/09 had some interesting views & interpretation of our city that are going through rigorous transformation. The list of deformities that surfaces through rationlization of our cities are beyond the scope of even multi-disciplinary approaches we talk about. The undisciplined etymology is the store of such deformities.

  • Legal deficit
  • Delienation deficit
  • deman deficit
  • demand ssesment
  • stake holder assesment
  • undisciplined legislative/ power/ politics/ economy
  • undisciplined gentrification
  • undisciplined linguistic territorial demand
  • autonomous processes
  • unintended city
  • Intentions & contentions
  • Building cities from outside
  • urbanity “a state of mind”, urbanism “a object of mind”
  • is conteporary urbanism a new found confusion?
  • disciplinary confinement
  • contested trajectory
  • urban society going out of disciplinary constitution
  • beyond city bound.

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