The metaphor that attached with east is rising & perhaps manifested somewhere in our rituals & our cultural manifestation. The east is histoically a historical, that cannot be slightest exaggeration in that since we are facinated by narrative more than monuments. We have limited discussion on the very idea of east, especially from western biases. Perhaps the argument of east have never delve more deeply into their interpretation of form, sources, intentions, meaning. Hence there are inherent risk in any attempt to evaluate current tendencies that our cities manifesting without bases to rationalize transformation. The filter of east is perhaps inhibiting the process since the colonial stigma, British legacy still lingers with our socio-cultural processes that shapes our cities. Hence east is perhaps analogy from western centric thought who tried to renewed the Raj legacy from the nostalgic perspective of current fashion.

Our attempt appears to be partial appraisal extends to the historical context from which the expression of our cities evolving. From our external perspective it appears that certain presumptions regarding the cultural history of (east) and in its contacts with other cultures in contemporary world may yeild intriguing & deceptive assumptions.







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