The linguistic territorial behavior is at display right across the state in search for identifiable camp. The politics of linguistic aggression is criticized all across in the name of secular & nationalism. The media, other political camp in disguise of secular clone has joined the mass combat on such endeavour. The several well to do personalities & surprisingly bourgeoisie camp is out to propagate nationalism; however no effort is made at micro level to understand what does nationalism means to an individual whose life circle is restricted to hand to mouth. How can an individual with no historical perspective on linguistic barometer as a dynamics state politics would make nationalism as supreme authority over linguistic polarity.

The issues are far away from simpleton assumption on uni-coded nationalism over linguistic territory. It has to be dealt with various scales of micro to macro or within various shades of grey. The linguistic territorial behavior exists in most advance countries ex. Canada has French speaking territories which is attached to job opportunities, while Austrian shades of German language has displayed similar behavior and so is the German- Dutch frontiers. The linguistic polarities have connotation of economic opportunity in symbiotic way, which can not be erased with will of power politics.

It may be incorrect to contempt such demand & behavior when one sees groupism exist within city in name of geographical privileges. If south Mumbai is the case to promote what Mumbai international image is about than why not geographical language precedes the image on identity of region.

However at state level politics, it is also imperative to look at the strategy of ruling party with their pseudo secular gown to reinforce the elite hegemony. How is it possible that no individual rose to larger stature without dynasty affiliation? Since it has been the secular metaphor that needs to be represented rather than understood in international politics which has undermined the regionalism. Its may be slightly exaggeration to state that secular model is not enough to understand the aspiration of regional values. The vary idea of language preference is not outside the context of nationalism rather it‘s immediately a part of pseudo-secular policy that is being slapped on people.

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