I was once told by my professor when discussing about research at post graduate level… its about what not to do than what to do.. he cited an example that imagine that Mies had to design building with climatic concern… wouldn’t that be disaster,” he could design most adorable & fragile architecture because he could afford to ignore so many things”…I am pretty confused about what is thesis research & what is life long.. endless experiment or research.

The first project had huge empirical data without slightes clue on what is to conserve & why to conserve… if that was clarified than half of the information would have been obscelete. The case study of policy as well assumes policy at face value rather than larger imagination of political will & aspiration of locale.

The second project had stronge case building & firm grounding. Its approach as cumulative upgradation was commendable, however it lacked magination at the level of manifestation & presentation .

The game theory had huge potential but strategic appropriation, verbal presentaion & drawings were not up to the standard of graduate thesis. Overall it leaves with impression that research need to be restructured right from begining so that methodology is clarified rather than end product.

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