The time is about to come for new convenient associations, for old betraying habit, for new convenient relation, for ideological disguise. Nowhere in the world one may find parallel example of political alignment of convenience than in India, perhaps that’s the ideological stem of democratic root. It’s fascinating to see donkey’s trading for power, where ideologies are completely at ease for change. The fundamentalist becomes secular (pseudo secular), the right wing begins to behave like descendent of left, while left aspire to become capitalist. The landlordism, feudalism which to my mind still prevails in our society (even metros), begins to behave like socialist. The bourgeoisie begins to think on social welfare, or street side hooligan begins to promote social right or capitalist beings to think on philanthropy.
This is an arrangement of five years, perhaps quarrel on petty issues are almost seen as routine for newer bargain. But amidst of all these, I am very impress by the convenience of transfer of ideology without slightest moral obligation. The staunch regional fundamentalist joins pre-independence party on so called secular guise & talk about aberration on religious group who themselves once condemn of while ago. The Indian politics is dynastic politics and inherited from kingdoms & nawabs, who believed in pre-independence party in disguise of secular to protect their privileges, while middle class Indians in politics remains divided without understanding of ideological conflict that pervades through internationalism.
Perhaps this is the reason that regional politicians arising form discontent for micro- cause are more pervious for convenient change. But we need to ask ourself something very fundamental that “is it that we live in society which is socially well organized but politically un- informed or unwilling to expand beyond their social territories?”….

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