Five years back when UPA framed the CPM with CPM, its derived from two contradictory forces. One was to restrained while other was to expand globally. The one was right while other was non-conformist. It builds excuses for not taking any action on crucial issues & finding excuses for new program. Well, the meeting on new structure on architecture course is very similar, not able to take any action on crucial issues while finding exuces for new program. I have a basic & fundamental question that what have we done to the existing course which is 4.5+.5, have we evolved sufficient evought to have find conflict which would demand for new things. I am neither for old or nor for new, because i believe that out of box is alway from within.
The present course structure is conviniently followed by every single institution except KRVIA.. which has gone against the grain and build its creditibility on its common maximum program from bounded condition. I think non of the present faculty had any creditibility (except KRVIA) to talk on any such move without knowing the restrained of past ,even after existed for 17 years..
KRVIA has graciously assumed its stance, role & commitment to architectural education within city. Due to its stance & position, the institute will expand on it vision without being restrainded or aided by such moves






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