The years after Indian independence has yielded the power to Nehru was unparallel. The task of creating some sense of pan Indian or nationalism was huge. However amidst of that we followed secular path within the wisdom of non-align status. The constitutionally evolved freedom coupled with secular & democratic virtues trying to dwell on non-align principle was monstrous effort. The fact that we had only 25% literate mass present, impact of violence of post partition dividing people on religious front was still visible & social fracture of castes that existed for ever, how do we reconcile these vehemently evolved existence to in secular box?.

The non-align principal made us move away from axis power on one side & power bloc on other side. The soft inclination towards socialist was visible solely for veto power at UNO on long pending territorial issue with neighbor. This has been our double standard operative politics whose roots can be traced much before independence. The formation of non-align got us some respect without identity as democratic nation. The desire to perform the rituals as elder brother was very much clear intention by fact that we could gather only weak nations.

All these ideological fantasies have brought about the pop-secularism amongst the illiterate vanguards, whose credentials are completely at disarray as being secular persona. The secular façade is like metro-sexual, its urban phenomenon, disguise that one adopts for reassurance. The brand political battle for secular vs. non secular (pseudo in either case) is contemptuous on very ground they assume to be standing.

The dividing role that brand politics wish to play on mass can be easily be divided in two faces, one being present oneself globally in guise of secular while other present oneself as romantic idealist of history for nationalist move. It is perhaps most difficult to imagine for most of us about our priority. The word secular seems to be new fashion whose true values are confused. Its like new way of socializing, everyone wants it but no one wants to own it by its value….







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