The failures are vanquished, perhaps redundant of so called civilized society. The misery of such despondent thoughts are very much Indian & perhaps victors are like epic heroism. The paranoia over failure is assumed to be horror, which one may not able to rationalize even if one indulge in practiced anti-system. To work against the system is reforming idea but valid only if it contributes for productive end. To substantiate social complication is common virtue that would justify for such indulgence is also very much Indian thought. The idea of system is like uniform, brings all aspects of circumstances, disparity, inequality, and un-privilege to neutrality. Isn’t that the very idea of any institution stems from…?
I must confess that it had been most horrifying experience to have faced parents & students on account of failure (understanding view on architecture). The parents justifying, assumed honesty & intelligence on part of their kids, further accusing faculty for almost ignoring, overlooking the much oozing potentiality of reformer like the rising of Neo-Einstein had been most embarrassing situation. It is almost confirming my conviction that education has nothing to do with awakening of intelligence. The most learned fellows are most passive & retarded actors, promoting anti system.
It also brings forth the ironed out notion, confirms that performance in any discipline are at par with performance at SSC, HSC, or even engineering & medicine. It’s a brunt that architecture profession has been facing from common man point of view.

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