Five year old boy was much influenced by his father imagination of locomotive & fast moving machines. Boy would take up as keen interest on understanding of moving machines, from cars to aero planes. He began to understand technical aspects slowly, & would identify by sheer sound of machine. He took up drawing of machine with meticulous detailing, which came under acute criticism from mother & family as being undesirable activity. He often was ridiculed for his insistence engagement with such drawing habit. But boy was adamant as much as his father without waiting for desirable result or acclamation.

One day boy was asked to draw natural scene by imagination, with no surprise he could draw composition of moving objects including cloud, wind, Kite, aero plane & car with detail specification on the object. The drawing appeared to be dream reality for Five year old boy, whose aspiration & energy exerted on moving dynamics was par excellence. The teacher & school appreciated the drawing, wondered how five year old boy could comprehend several moving objects as part of one composition. The question is not about seeking answers to such innocent effort but about encouragement that boy received from teacher & school, who could discern the quality & meaning of composition.

The things changed from then, boy was appreciated by family & could receive love & affection that requires to child of that age. The mother, without realizing the importance of that drawing, started assuming her to be vanguard of her son acclamation. While father assumed to be as sincere as he was earlier to his work & hobby, without waiting for acclamation or credit.

Finally third year came to an end with feel of relief & good jury (… jurors…). The jury was far more humane & considerate; they could balance criticism & appreciation well. The differences between two final juries were glaring, the former one much emphasized on limitless digitized imagination of/on architecture (if one qualifies that…) the later one was far more humane, democratic & profane. I think the question of regionalism is raised with dynamics of new architecture wave. Hetal project was far more intuitive & generous on site than many other projects, while shivani project hinging on idea of restless energy & force that urbanity exerts on us & perhaps she could architecturalize that notion couple with heterogeneity of program in very convincing gesture.

I am facing great difficulties when I raise the question on methodology… it seems to be almost irrelevant. Do we need one, do architecture education need pedagogy…. Do we need to theorize, Atleat current endeavor is less conspicuous imperial impositions than ever…..

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