In 1979, a young 10th standard graduate aspired to do engineering, and left for Gujarat for desired study. He is innocent about his background, not did he understood the meaning of complex web of class stratification. He took pride in the explicit meaning of hammer associated to his background of caste system. However the implicit orders that exist behind the icons are sub-human manifestation. . He was not served tea in similar cups or not allowed to enter certain institutions These incidence are beyond his comprehension at that time. He was reminded of his caste system with utter disdain. The social inequality created menace during French revolution in 1789, has perhaps sawn the seed for revolt world wide against such discrimination.

The year 2009, span of thirty years, scars of past disdain are still fresh & dented deep inside. The global vision has inculcated new wisdom across the globe, race & caste are pathology of past. But past trail follow you like a shadow in our context. The terms caste is clearly understood by him, his background, his upbringing, are far more comprehensible than before. The frustration of acceptance of past & such discrimination is larger. The French revolution makes sense to him, he sometime wonders about his context, his social circumstances & unavoidable outcome of such acceptance.

The recent incidence of being called as BC has harrowing impact for sometime. Now, perhaps he understands the meaning of reservation, realized the larger socio-political maneuvering for poll. With no exaggeration, with conviction he belives that resultant violence on similar account that happens around has justifiable existence if not rational.

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