Taking cues of Idealistic period of history & philosophy (Rousseau) as will rather than pure cartesian fixation like newton’s law, Hegel moved further by inducting idealism through powefull weapon of dialectic. However there concern about moral & natural order which might have been overlooked by idealist. He further enlarged the concept of reason with dilectic to denounce parochialism, monolithic notion of absolute institutions. The order of things have definite pattern, every society has norms & contradiction, thesis & anti- thesis. The dialectic results into continuous pattern of synthesis to higher level of synthesis.

Hegelian philosophy definitely brings back the natinalism back to center, while he objectifies the history for justification & social change.The marxian objecification of economy as similar dialectic of class struggle. Hegel influence stimulated both philosophical & historical speculations in successive period. The doctorine of nationalism received support from philosophical quaters. In the social sphere far reaching modifications resulted when his theory of dilectic used for economic interpretation.

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