The effort of art is to mould the social, political advances or their institutions etc. into critical manifestation. It is an inquiry into socio-cultural process which every individual are engaged to. The reciprocal process of interaction between existential order & manifestation is a dialogue between abstract & isolated individuals. Art is not interpreted in unique rather general manifestation in unique. It thrives on generalization of unique concern with reciprocal relation.

The process by which any specific event is given abstract moral conception is how art is destined & matures. The critic or appraisal of such manifestations cannot be measured by absolute standards or static reason, but through causation. Every argument related to manifestation revolves around the question of priority of causes.

Black crows are an analogy of liberated absolute standards. The codification is favorite way of exempting oneself from tiresome obligation to pursue dynamics of criticality or engages intellectual vitality for fashionable empirical end. The deterministic thick line has universal presence who assumes the convenient subordination of reason to assumption on manifestation of general is perhaps very anti-historic thought.







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