The recent statistic shows that BMC spends only 30% of the cost on infrastructure development in Bombay. However the quantum of work carried out do not justify that or the statistics are underplayed. The whole argument is not about the expenditure but rather about the planing issues related to the infrastructure for the city.
The ashpalt road pave the way for concrete, & recently to the paver block for internal roads. The imagined idealism is beautification rather than counter scientific appropriation against the natural calamities.
The skywalks are also seems to be blind imaginatin of safe & beautiful journey, inspired from sci-fi storey to recent hindi cinema, striving to convince the mass about imagined contrived future destined to be enginered poll flavour.

The recent attempt to assemble skywalk at Santarcruz-w is appear to be a holocaust, since they are encroaching the only possible straight link that survived between east & west, It is perhaps the only undeveloped stretch of commercial strip for potential/ sensible land development & revenue for the city, which is convicingly & ingnorantly undermined. The overlapping of skywalk on such strip appears to be temporal or for electrol advantage. The disguise is ruthless, yet convincing the cosumer for safe & beautiful journey.

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