The imagination of 14th January is a psychological clock, prevailed for almost as old as I am, except three years of stay in USA. The new calendar has been demarcated with the day it falls; the closer it is to weekend the brighter the New Year would be. The normal kite flying would start at 7.00am during school days; the diminishing importance has reduced flying hours in recent times. The childhood memory of kite flying is still fresh, the wildest imagination of blue & white kites soaring high, ruling the sky. Is it that the blue & white favoritism comes from there…..?. These are pure imagination of carefully protected ignorance coupled with innocent dream of reach out, shout, prevail almost like despotic ruler.

The theoretical notion of flying & cutting is becoming wiser however execution is diluted with age. The whole idea of cutting in Bombay is different with Ahmadabad; here we pull, while there they push. Isn’t that synonym to the enterprising abilities that we have. I think pulling needs more skill, perhaps like Columbus expedition, sense of wind direction & wider imagination.

The fear that also persisted with the rising of blue & white is uncalled, interception of rain, that’s seemed also a consistent imagery & sub-conscious dream with kite flying. The morning session white & blue kites suddenly appeared to be reduced to skeleton. I have no clue of such parallel imagination of flying & skeletal reduction of my favorite object.

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