The rise of an under privilege almost after more than 200 years of independence history is mockery of most forward, democratic & supposed to be civilized nation. I am really amazed & shocked by the frenzied Indians all around, as if their daughters married to the hero of MB straight out of new princely state. The face books are flooded with messages like “wow I can’t believe that it, at last its reality”. The news papers, media carried out the most hilarious story almost in a manner of Hindi cinema, like rise of new hero.

I am not against or biased on any rise or fall of such political events. However, the most capitalist country, which behaves like corporate whose CEO in disguise of president has change, what in the world has to do with India or us going crazy. American constitution has laid out their foreign policy way back in Lincoln era, which is not expected to be altered by slightest margin. Unlike America, India has given four presidents from so called minority, one from really underprivileged section of society, one scientist & one woman president & prime minister. I have never come across someone yelling from down under that “wow, I can’t believe that, at lasts its reality”, or an American rising & flooding the facebook proclaiming in similar fashion that “wow I cannot believe that, at last its reality” to our new president happens to be woman. The current Indian PM is perhaps the most educated PM across the globe, I need someone (at least media) to get up and announce that with pride & privilege as against the aligned their thought & energy to some event which happens across the ocean.

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