There seems to be sudden urge for another award for acclamation within Hindi cinema. The regional acclamations are denounced for global presence. It seems to be the flavour of contemporary practice in art, architecture & any other form of art. The remote connection I can establish of Hindi cinema within the realm art is only possible through medium of technology & not through the medium of representation. The Oscar aspiration is perhaps parallel to Pitzeker in architecture if not exaggerated. The Pitzker award seems to be aligned with thought of regional appropriation while Oscar is universalism. The recent effort to align Hindi cinema with universal appraisal is boisterously visible in the depiction. The dated song of 90s, morphed with regional language, prolaiming its global aspiration without any intellectual integrity is worth of notice for critical appraisal. The epic heroism, linear ritualistic pattern of cause & effect story line seems to be the only way of manufacturing the cinema.

The debacle of recent Hindi cinema at Oscar is not surprising as it hinged on idea of popularism at the level of issue but definitely not at the level its destiny. The usual flavour is convenient & comfortable for us; perhaps we like to live with that singularity of structure thought pattern. The white transforms in to black, yet morphing & emerging of gradation of grey is not of any concern or cause. I am not worried about what it takes to be Oscar winner; I am seeing the pseudo philanthropic aspiration that is visible in various other art forms. The recent rise of art form in disguise of moral decorum within our context is rising up to reassure our society whose values are palpable, confused & relegated to only entertainment. The concern of iconic buzzard that prevails within various art forms is to be able to entertain…….







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